What Participants are Saying

Robert Bitting

"Bob is an excellent instructor (the best yet!) and a great person. He took the time to really get to know us, and related the material to what we are experiencing in the workplace."

U.S. Army Civilian Manager, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

On behalf of the Credit Unions of the Finger Lakes District, I would like to extend our appreciation for the motivation “humor” workshop. I have been overwhelmed the past few days with great comments from everyone. In this busy world, it is often forgotten to step back and smile or laugh. I think everyone realized that at your presentation and for that I would like to say “Thank You!”

Lauran Mowrer, Marketing Specialist
Steuben Educators Federal Credit Union

When I first viewed this Generational Diversity program I was very skeptical of it; whereas, I've been to some presentations on the subject where the presenter couldn't teach a stick to stand in the mud.

However, and as I've told Kate and others up the tree, it was one of the most excellent programs I've been to that cover Generational Diversity, in fact, I thought it was beyond excellent, greatly presented, and a program that made you think plus review your values.

Gary T. Dovey
Director of Business Resource Center
Bradford, PA

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent supervisory and management seminar sessions that you conducted for our people. The feedback I have received from people has been all good…in fact, I have not received one negative response. That’s saying a lot coming from this group of engineers and technical types, who are usually quick to criticize. The interactive nature of your presentations was well received by both groups and distinguished your sessions from other “vanilla” supervisory seminar. You were able to hold their attention the entire time indicating to me that your material was right on target. Again, thank you for an excellent presentation!

W. Douglas McDowell
Vice President
Quality Management and Human Resources
Electromagnetic Sciences, Inc.

The great advantage in speaking the same evening we conduct our program survey is that we get an “instant reaction”, and yours was right at the top. They loved you!

This can’t be a surprise to you, considering the high degree of participation (read: noise level). Interactive programs always go well, and when we’re hearing a lot of laughter besides, we know we’ve got a winner!

Barbara Chew
Vice President, Programs
Olean Area Industrial Management Council

You’ve done it again! It is a rare treat to be on the receiving end of so much good information when it’s being conveyed with such humor and intelligence. You have a gift of involving your audience as full participants, and our members love it!

Barbara Norton
Olean Area Industrial Management Council

Thank you very much for the outstanding service you provided our agency at our recent retreat. Your presentations on “Change and Humor in the Workplace” and Effective Leadership” were extremely effective as well as very entertaining. Your interactive and humorous presentation style was really appreciated by our 100+ employees. We look forward to bringing you back for future agency workshops and trainings!

Donald R. Dutton
Technology Manager
ACCORD Corporation

Thank you for the excellent workshop you presented for us earlier this week on “Building More Effective Teams”. I think I speak for everyone who attended that it was stimulating, interesting, and a lot of fun. Each of us there gained insight about working better with others. I appreciate the special effort you put into making those three mornings a rewarding experience.

J. Michael Stuckart
Vice President and Dean
University of Pittsburgh Bradford

You did a wonderful job presenting your program to Student Affairs yesterday. I have heard nothing but praise. The comment I felt best about came from Paul Kingsbury, our Director of Greek Affairs. On Tuesday night as we were leaving work, I reminded him of your program the next morning. He made an ugly face and said that he wished he didn’t have to go (his job has been extremely stressful lately). I told him that was exactly why he HAD to go.

After we returned yesterday morning, I asked Paul what he thought of the program and he replied, “It was exactly what I needed! It was terrific!”

So, Bob – here’s to a job well done and mission accomplished!

Sue Peck, Student Affairs
Alfred University

Bob, I just wanted to thank you for speaking to our staff this morning. I have had the pleasure of hearing you at a secretarial seminar several years ago and then again recently at a professional administrator’s event. You never disappoint!

I shared with our committee your unique way of making learning absolutely enjoyable, and that it was going to make for a great morning.

I short, thanks again. I needed that boost of energy!

Nancy Banker, Career Services
Alfred University

I would like to personally thank you for the presentation on time management and effective communications you delivered to the Cuba Memorial Hospital management/supervisory team this past week. The program was extremely well received by all whom I spoke to following the session and since. As healthcare providers, we sometimes get bogged down in the day to day emergencies that this very unpredictable profession can present, but you gave us many worthwhile tips and strategies to better portion this precious commodity we call time.

Another important part of the presentation was the “Humor in the Workplace” session. It is too bad that we sometimes take ourselves so seriously that there is no room left for the very humorous side of being human. This was quite a laugh-filled part of your presentation, but of significant value.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Andrew Boser, III
CEO, Cuba Memorial Hospital

Thank you for enhancing the leadership and communication skills of Allegany Arc’s management staff. Your recent presentations on Motivation and Change in the Workplace, Interactive Communication Skills, and Effective Leadership had a genuine impact on those who attended the sessions.

Your presentations were filled with a variety of training techniques that enabled active participation and learning. Your style incorporated humor that gave the material a lightness that is so necessary for what often seems like heavy subjects to discuss. When humor is used to discuss leadership, change, and communication, it gives us all an opportunity to recognize the quality that we all share – that we are human. Thanks for a job well done!

Betsy Obuhanich
Staff Development Coordinator
The Arc of Allegany County

Comments from teachers and educational paraprofessionals from the New York City area who are in Alfred University’s Downstate Counseling Program following taking Dr. Bitting's Career Development and Life Planning course.

"Never let anyone but Dr. Bob (Mr. Feel Good) teach this course!"

"Dr. Bitting's energy and enthusiasm made the information come to life - he was awesome!"

"Dr. Bitting is a wonderful professor and a great teacher! It was a pleasure working with him."

"Dr. Bitting is very flexible, understanding, and enthusiastic - he really taught me the key elements of being being an effective career counselor."

"Dr. Bitting is really student-centered. He knows how to get everyone involved and working together."

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you again for your hospitality. I viewed our visit (to Alfred) as one of the best experiences I have had throughout my schooling. Your teaching strategies, techniques, and knowledge were inspiring and your accommodating and thoughtful ways were heart warming. So again, I just want to send thanks for everything.

Stefania Alvaro
(Saturday Brooklyn Cohort)

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